Welcome to Nettlestead Carriage Driving

I began carriage driving in the early 1990s, having ridden as a child and then returned to my love of horses by becoming involved with heavy horses with the Working Horse Trust where I learnt to long rein and drive farm carts.

My first driving horse was a Friesian gelding, Baron, bought from Harrods! He gave me 15 years of pleasure before succumbing to colic. I have had a number of horses since Baron, including a coloured stallion and more recently KWPNs geldings.  I currently have 4 horses all at different levels of experience and training.  I enjoy schooling them regularly and try to hack out at weekends to give them all a change of scenery.



Over the years I have amassed quite a bit collection learning that what works well for one horse does not necessarily do so for another. Now having in excess of 90 bits for horses and ponies, with the odd duplication, I want to offer “try before you buy” to other like-minded drivers who have found that their horse/pony does not go well in the traditional straight bar bit.

I do not hold stocks of bits but can have them made to order within a couple of weeks, if they are not bog standard. I offer my own on loan for a small fee which may be refunded if a new bit is subsequently ordered.

I can also supply metal, leather and elastic curbs of various lengths, plus leather bit guards.

Occasionally, I also have other stock for sale: FEI squashy cones, leather long reins, rugs, horses or carriages.


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